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Bulk Purchasing Program

January 26, 2021

Telus 2021 Partner Program Flyer


The Brick

The Brick Commercial Sales Division is proud to announce our partnership with SACHA as the preferred supplier of appliances, furniture, and electronics
-Builder wholesale discounts on all Brick merchandise including custom order items
-Builder wholesale discounts on all furniture, mattresses, appliances, and electronics for personal purchases
-Special volume discounts on larger orders
-Alberta-wide local delivery
-Appliance installation and repair network
-Personalized expert service with over 20 years industry experience

Please contact:
Brad Kuehnemuth
National Key Accounts
The Brick Commercial Division
3451 Sunridge Way NE
Calgary, AB. T1Y-5J5
phone 403 862 6414

The Brick

For more information download the full Pricing Certificate HERE


About Bulk Purchasing

The Bulk Purchasing Program will help your co-op keep costs down. SACHA continues to research new PARTNERS to expand and improve the program. Prices are also compared regularly to make sure the programs are more than competitive.
Please read the introductory material on each partner's page for an explanation on how to use that program, what the fee structure is (if there is one), and who to contact for more information. Each contract has been individually negotiated, so the way they work is different. If you are interested in using our Bulk Purchasing Program or have any comments, questions or suggestions please contact SACHA’s Executive Director, Brenda Davies.

BP Partners Poster


SACHA’s Bulk Purchasing Program is beneficial for everyone involved.  Co-op participation is key and the more co-ops involved, the more money that will be saved.  A full range of products is available at the best price and strong after-sale service is ensured as repeat business is based on
co-op satisfaction. When it comes to ordering new appliances and services, SACHA can help you choose the replacements and improvements that work best for you and your budget. Prices are compared regularly to make sure the programs remain competitive. The co-op does not pay for product upgrades but individual co-op members are able to request upgrades if they are willing to pay the difference in price. All prices for appliances and services are pre-negotiated with the Bulk Purchasing Partners and SACHA.  If additional cost is quoted please notify Brenda Davies immediately as this is not within procedure.

Individual Member Use

SACHA has negotiated bulk purchasing agreements with several suppliers for all SACHA’s member co-ops. In many cases, the individual members themselves can also use the programs. In order for individual members to use the program, the Board of Directors of their co-op must agree to be responsible for payment. The Board may make any arrangements with their membership for payment they deem appropriate.
Contact to get a copy of the Bulk Purchasing Individual Member Agreement Application Form.