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Who we are

The Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association, or SACHA, is a regional federation of housing
co-operatives that is located in Calgary, Alberta and is governed by a Board of Directors who live in member housing co-operatives.

SACHA, together with the members, forms a community working toward the same goals and operating by the
co-operative principles. This partnership of working together, sharing information and supporting one another ensures continuing success.

SACHA is not involved in the placement or application processes of its member housing co-ops. 

Visit our co-op directory to find contact information for each of our member housing co-ops.


Our History

In 1985, members of housing co-operatives recognized the advantages of a collaborative approach and together, they established the Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association (SACHA). 

SACHA is financed by membership dues and fees for services.

Membership is open to:

  • housing co-operatives located in southern Alberta (Red Deer and South)

  • other individuals and organizations that support SACHA's aims and accept the responsibilities of membership.

SACHA has a sector membership agreement with the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) which requires membership in both organizations. Members enjoy benefits and services provided by both.

There are 21 housing co-operatives in southern Alberta, representing 1,478 households; the majority of which are in Calgary. There are also co-ops in Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer, Okotoks, High River and Lethbridge. Nineteen of these housing co-operatives are members of SACHA.

SACHA has been successful in harnessing the advantage of the collective buying power of housing co-ops in southern Alberta and provides members with savings on a variety of products. Some services are included with membership at no additional cost while others are offered for a fee that is discounted for members.

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