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Bulk Purchasing Program

Helping Keep Co-op Costs Down

What is Bulk Purchasing?

Bulk purchasing is the purchasing of goods in large quantities for a unit price that is lower than the usual. SACHA has negotiated bulk purchasing agreements with several suppliers, creating partnerships that benefit all of the member co-ops.

How does the Bulk Purchasing Program Work?

By working with our partners through this program, housing co-ops are able to purchase larger quantities of supplies and services at a lower price. More purchases means more savings! For example, when it comes time to replace kitchen appliances or update carpeting for all the units in a co-op.

How are Bulk Purchasing Partners Chosen?

We approach suppliers that can offer the fullest range of products at the best price and who understand that every co-op is important and that future sales depend on the satisfaction of each participating co-op. SACHA researches new partners regularly to continue expanding and improving the program.

How Does Bulk Purchasing Benefit Member Housing Co-ops?

Every year, SACHA gets a rebate from some of its partners based on the amount of gross sales; this income helps to keep dues low and allows for development of other bulk-purchasing programs.  It is important for co-ops to have as much choice as possible and prices are compared regularly to make sure the programs remain


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